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Playful Couples Newsletter Aug 2013 The Voice of Florida's Swingers Donations

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Playful Couples Newsletter Aug 2013 The Voice of Florida's Swingers   Donations  Empty Playful Couples Newsletter Aug 2013 The Voice of Florida's Swingers Donations

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Playful Couples Newsletter Aug 2013 The Voice of Florida's Swingers

Donations couples 30 single guys 60 fri sat

Please Join Our Forum
Much More Than a Swinger Club!
Lifestyle parties every Fri Sat. Parties start at 8pm. Tampa swinger clubs are to expensive!
Playful Couples is non commercial and tax deductable!
Fri Aug 2 Bi and Bi Curious Night Celebrate sexual freedom!
Sat Aug 3 Lingerie Night!
Fri Aug 9 Interracial night! Promote racial harmony in the lifestyle
Sat Aug 10 Sexy Little Black Dress Night!
Fri Aug 16 Please Her Party! Guys have to grant your every wish ladies.
Sat Aug 17 Short Skirt Night!
Fri Aug 23 No Panties Party!
Sat Aug 24 Bare as You Dare
Fri Aug 30 Pole Dancing Contest
Sat Aug 31 Little Black Dress Party

Swinging Frequently Asked Questions

This is a short compliations of Frequently Asked Questions. We will
add to this list as time goes on to try to answer the common
questions you may have. Of course you are still free to email us on
anything not covered here. We'll try out best to help you.

What sort of people are Swingers?
Swingers are interested in sexual adventure. Since the desire for
sexual gratification is inherent to the human race, Swingers come
from all walks of life, in all shapes, sizes and ages. She may be
that attractive blond on the beach, or he may be your doctor, or
they may be the couple next door.

How do I approach my partner about Swinging?
There are two ways to go. The first is frank discussion - if your
partner is able to verbalize his or her sexual desires, then talking
and finding out the facts together may lead you to the decision that
is best for your overall happiness. If it is difficult to find out
exactly what your partner thinks, a less subtle approach may be
better. Try exposing your partner to the idea of Swinging through
verbal fantisizing during lovemaking, viewing pornographic movies
and magazines that portray multiples, becoming platonic friends with
Swingers, etc. By contacting local Swingers Clubs, you will be able
to find out about discos and hotel lounges that are meeting places
for couples interested in Swinging. A visit for dinner and drinks
may lead to contacts and discussions that may spark your partner's
interest in a new form of sexual adventure!

I think I am interested in a Swinging experience, but am not 100%
sure. This makes me a little uncomfortable, what should I do?
Research the topic more in depth. Once all the facts are in front of
you, the decision will be a little easier. Like anything else in
life, the first time may be a little uncomfortable because you have
not participated in the activity before and do not know what to do.
This is perfectly normal. Contact a local Swingers Club and explain
your interests. You will more than likely be speaking with someone
who knows exactly where you are coming from because he (she) was in
your position at one time. They should be able to offer advice,
contacts to speak with or meet, and places where you can go to
socialize with Swingers on a platonic basis. This should give you
exposure to the Swing Scene without any sexual involvement on your

I want to be very discreet in my activities. What are the different
ways to make contacts with other individuals / couples interested in
Established Swingers Clubs, like Freedom Acres, are very
professional and discreet in their conduct. Otherwise, they would
not exist for more than a week. Other alternatives are Swinger
publications and contact magazines / newsletters, internet
newsgroups, websites such as this one, introduction services,
conventions and special events, travel agencies and resorts that
cater to the sexually adventurous, and telephone contact
organizations that offer voice mail advertisement and responses as
well as chat lines.

How can I maintain my privacy while corresponding with other
You should be able to maintain a P.O. Box at a local post office for
a nominal fee. Email is growing in popularity these days as well as
websites, like this one, who's personal ads will act as an
intermediary until you decide to give out your email address. In
this way, you can remain anonymous at your leisure. Swinging
activities can take place at third party locations: Swingers Clubs,
hotels, resorts, private homes, etc.


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